Instructions for investing profitably with Finashark’s tools

Quickly make effective decisions in just 3 clicks


 Market overview 


 Setting up a portfolio 


 Smart Money Detector 


 Decision making 


1 Market overview Analyse the current markets situation

Answering the age-old question: Should I invest at this time?

Finashark provides an A.I Bot which automatically scans the vast market data produced by the largest financial assets. The results are then normalized and graphed simply by the Market Watch tool.

The system will provide instant feedback as to whether you should invest in now or later, as well as highlighting which assets should be focused on. Based on how strong the money flow is into each investment sector, as well as the quality of the flows, Finashark will gauge the investment’s potential and offer clear guidance.

2 Setting up a portfolio To get a perfect investment plan

Are you ready to invest?

Thanks to the A.I system which continuously learns and adjusts weighted variables from the whole market to single stocks, Finashark scores are dynamically derived from 5 famous investing strategies: Value strategy, Dividend strategy, Capital growth strategy and Momentum strategy.

With this scoring, the system will filter investments that are the most promising in the short-term, categorise by sector, and give specific investment strategy advice for easy decision-marking.

3 Smart Money Detector Define the potential of the investment idea

Do you deeply understand how profitable each investment opportunity is?

What is their current trend? At what price should you buy or sell?

Are they at risk of losing capital?

Finashark use A.I to continuously learn and analyze smart money flow habits, based on big trading data. The system then separates market participants into 3 categories: Market Makers, Smart Money and General Investors; for every single stock, as well as the whole market.


With the Smart Money Detector tool, Finashark automatically provides actionable advice for every profitable investment.

4 Decision making Real-time advisory for better results


You are now up to speed in choosing, setting and making a profit from financial investments with Finashark.

But what if you still need an advisory during your investment activities?

Finashark also provides “on hand” tools that support you in trading 24/7 with clear trading instructions, so that you can simply choose what trading signal is most suitable for you 24/7. The tools are provided via the MT5 Finashark Indicator and Finashark’s Telegram Channel.

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